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Wednesday20 February 2019

Monday, 19 April 2010 18:50

Dinner Debate 24/04/10: No to war, stop USA-imperialism

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dinerdebatenThe United States have been a warring nation since its modern founding. It is a known given, the US-economy can't survive without perpetual war. It is a known fact, foreign support troops are frequently pulled along. This isn't new. At one time, Romans and Huns set the example.

We observe an increasing amount of US-interventions over the past years: 16 months on average. The American military-industrial complex, the Anglo-Saxon economy and international finance are out to acquire a maximum amount of resources. Iran, you're next on the list. Bush once openly declared, if a war with Iran would ever take place, it would be a nuclear war. Considering the military and societal difficulties the US-troops experience today in Afghanistan and Iraq, it doesn't take much thinking what amount of body bags would be necessary for an Iranian front. The nuclear option is the only way the USA can attain a smooth victory in such a conflict. No wonder the USA and Israel are furious about the possibility Iran would do something else with its nuclear power than produce 220 volts AC. Nuclear power once given to them by the West, by the way. Israel is hell bound to staying the only nuclear force in the Middle East.

The N-SA is clear about the right for the Flemish to lead peaceful and happy lives in their own region, safeguarding their values and traditions. The N-SA is also clear this right is not an  exclusive, but applicable to all people of the world. The Iranians too have the right to a peaceful existence. The Palestinians are living proof of how it can be like to live under dictatorial occupation. The American and Israeli army have a license to kill, unrestricted by any sort of international treaty. Whether women and children fall victim to collateral damage is of no importance.

The N-SA states our troops should not engage in the killing of people who seek to live peaceful lives in their own region. We do not tolerate interference in our cultural and other domestic affairs and we find it goes without saying domestic affairs of any nation should not be hindered by the interests of international finance. There is enough we can put our troops to use for in our own nation. There is no reason to deploy our troops in Afghanistan or (should the day ever come) Iran. It is time to end the dictate.

No more NATO, no more EU, no more US-imperialism, no more Zionism.

No to war! Peace now!

Kris Roman
Coordinator N-SA Foreign Relations
Coordinator N-SA Geopolitical Thinktank "Euro-Rus"

Guest orators:

Dr. Tomislav Sunic (Former Croatian Diplomat)

Eddy Hermy (N-SA)

Kris Roman (N-SA)

Rien Vandenberghe (KVHV)

Peter Verheyen (NSV)

Erik Langerock (Kasper)

Date: April 24th 2010

Doors: open at 19h00

Price: € 20

Dinner: soup (entrance) - Brueghelesque buffet of traditional warm and cold dishes - coffee/tea

Casual dress code

Register in advance by deposit of € 20 on the following account:

IBAN: BE98 7380 1464 4493


Please send a registration confirmation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registrations accepted until a small week in advance. Places very limited!

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