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Saturday23 February 2019

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 11:42

Toen liberalen nog "nationalen" waren zoals Thatcher

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Files released to the National Archives show that soon after becoming prime minister, Lady Thatcher privately complained that too many Asian immigrants were being allowed into Britain. Lady Thatcher said that there were already too many people coming into Britain, according to the minutes. He ( M Whitlelaw)said that according to letters he had received, opinion favoured the accepting of more of the Vietnamese refugees Lady Thatcher responded that “in her view all those who wrote letters in this sense should be invited to accept one into their homes," the minutes disclose,". "She thought it quite wrong that immigrants should be given council housing whereas white citizens were not." She made clear, however, that she had "less objection to refugees such as Rhodesians, Poles and Hungarians, since they could more easily be assimilated into British society". “People are really rather afraid that this country might be rather swamped by people with a different culture,” she told World In Action.


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